Tuesday 2 April 2013

License Agreement of 2013 MS.Office Not Be Transferred

Are you the original user of Microsoft Office (or pirated? He .. he ..)? If you use the original product, must know of the license of the software.

After some time released version, office application software has now reached the latest version of Microsoft Office 2013. What a difference from the 2010 and 2013 versions? In addition to the features added in 2013, there is again the issue of the license or the license agreement.

  A statement issued by Microsoft contains the MS Office 2013 license can not be transferred to a PC (computer) other. This is in contrast to her sister, the Office 2010 that have such facilities.

When there is a question: "what if the PC is lost, stolen or damaged?" Microsoft does not provide an answer. Fortunately, Office 2013 licenses can be used again on the same PC if the PC is re-installed.
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