Sunday 11 November 2012

Tips on Caring for Inkjet Printer

Do you have a printer? What do you do with your printer, whether just wear it without him? If so, of course the goods are not treated, it usually will be more easily damaged / not working.

This time I will try to present some tips for caring for inkjet printer:

1. Use the printer at least 2 times a week. Do not let your printer idle for too long, because the ink dries on the nozzle head, which can cause blockages in the expenditure of ink.

 2. Create a regular schedule to clean the printer parts from dust / dirt. Avoid small objects that can fit into the paper tray / body which can lead to obstruction of printer paper into or even just to go part. Close the paper tray when not in use.

3. If the print is perceived decline or no lines on the printout, there may be dirt on the printer. Use Clean Head feature, this software is usually included in the package that works to clean the printer head nozzle.

4. Avoid using thin paper, as it will cause the roller puller slip of paper. Use paper with a weight of about 70-80 grams.

5. When cleaning the printer, do not use a damp cloth.

6. When you are replacing the cartridge, your hands do not touch the electrical engineering (chip or other elements), because it seems humans have static electricity that can cause damage to the components on the cartridge.

  7. At the time of going to print, check the paper to be used, do not use paper that is folded as it can damage the printer roller.

Those are some tips that I present this time. Hopefully useful.
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